White Labelling Services

What is White Labelling?

White labelling is the ability to bespoke or customise the look and feel of courses that can be branded to reflect your organisations unique identity. The wide range and scope of available options will ensure you are able to select specific and appropriate courses to meet with your company’s particular requirements. Courses that have been white labelled to a specific customer remain invisible to the general public, easily accessed through the company as and when required under prior agreements. White Labelling by Virtual Training Centre is an additional service and if you wish to make enquiries regarding this appealing option, please contact us at the information provided on this website.

Benefits of VTC White Labelling Services

Should your company or organisation require specific online training courses, in order to effectively reflect their brand and / or corporate identity, then white labelling is an extremely cost-effective, easily accessible and reliable means of offering these customised courses to personnel, whilst removing the need for an internal training department. Again, this is an effective means of reinforcing the company’s or organisation’s branding ensuring a consistency throughout the business.

VTC White Label

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